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Who We Are

We are a design and embroidery company dedicated to the embellishment of apparel and home decoration. We have 25 years’ experience of wedding apparel and costume design and apply this attention to quality and detail to our embroidery, silk screening and digital printing. Our designer has won awards in the historical costume industry and has lectured in England and Europe.

We are committed to providing quality apparel of exquisite detail, whether it be historical, theatrical or corporate ready-to-wear. We strive for excellence as we continue to expand our product line and offer new and creative products and services to our customers.

In earlier years we hand-stitched and beaded our creations. Now we combine this same attention to detail with highly sophisticated equipment and powerful digital software to create spectacular designs with sequins and cords for the corporate, theatrical and historical re-creation markets

Our motto
If you can dream it, we can create it